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PAW Madagascar

PAW Madagascar

Our Area of Focus in Madagascar

Our work is centered on and has commenced in the local Commune of Beavoha which is in the district Betioky Sud, South West Madagascar. The Madagascar National Park - Beza Mahafaly Special Reserve is located in the Beavoha Commune.

Mission Statement
Working with national and local authorities and the Mahafaly people we are focusing our finances and skills in the following areas:

Animal Welfare:
- Feral companion animal v wildlife impact assessment
- Veterinary work - Vaccination campaigns against Rabies and Anthrax

Education at primary school level:
- Animal welfare
- Caring for the environment
- Personal and the community’s future prosperity

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All Support is Appreciated

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Bali Street Dogs

The remarkable island of Bali...

...filled with scenic rice fields, rivers, ancient temples and palaces; surrounded by beautiful beaches and renowned for fine arts, dance and music.

In contrast to this beauty...
...mangy and starving dogs roam freely on the beaches, the streets, in the markets, around restaurants and in tourist areas. Many of these dogs suffer from preventable parasitic and infectious diseases and major trauma from roadside accidents. Without any welfare organisations to treat and care for them these animals suffer enormously.

Tourists who have visited Bali have long been distressed by the overwhelming number of suffering dogs on the island. No-one knows accurately how many dogs exist in Bali but estimates have been as high as one million.

Many Balinese people want help for their community dogs but do not have the resources or knowledge to provide even the most basic care.

We feel the best way to help the Balinese people is to reduce the number of dogs, provide basic veterinary care and educate the Balinese people as to how they can help. We know from supporting organisations undertaking this challenge over the last 11 years that these programs really work.

We need to raise funds to ensure this vital work continues. Anyone who has witnessed the suffering and really wants to make a difference can do just that through supporting The Bali Street Dog Fund.

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